september vibes playlist

To me, September means my birthday, the beginning of fall, the start of the semester, cool nights, warm days, concerts, and more time spent at home.

I've made a playlist to try and grasp that emotion. 

I used to love making mix-tapes and burning CDs when I was a kid. My mom would get so mad because I wouldn't get in the car to go to school until my CD was done so we could listen to it on the way. I think that music is able to set a mood, to change it. A lot of people have been asking me for music recommendations, and I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my blog, and I think this is the best way.

I've made this playlist on Spotify, because it is most commonly used and easy to access. Follow this playlist to bring it with you everywhere!

If you're having a hard time following from here you can go to my account directly by clicking this link and then follow the playlist titled S E P T E M B E R